About PlanBeverly

What is PlanBeverly?

PlanBeverly is a one-year initiative that will engage the community in creating a framework to guide the stewardship and responsible growth of our city. The comprehensive master plan will situate Beverly in the context of the region and help Beverly residents articulate a shared vision for the coming decades.

What is a Comprehensive Master Plan?

A comprehensive plan, also known as a master plan, general plan, or land-use plan, is a document that provides a roadmap for the future of a city. A comprehensive plan includes an analysis of existing conditions, a community vision for the future, and set of policy recommendations to guide public policy. Most comprehensive plans address the physical, social, and cultural aspects of a community across a range of topics.

What will be included in the Plan?

  • Land Use
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Mobility
  • Cultural & Historical Resources
  • Natural Resources, Open Space & Recreation
  • Services & Facilities

In addition to these topics, PlanBeverly will incorporate sustainability as an overriding theme, woven throughout the plan and used as a lens through which the plan is implemented and evaluated.

How does PlanBeverly relate to Beverly’s other planning efforts?

There is already a wide array of planning work in existence or underway, including work on housing, transportation, the waterfront, climate action, and arts and culture. Several of these plans can be found on the Planning Department’s website. The citywide plan will knit together those efforts under a comprehensive framework while offering additional ideas for the future of our city. The final result will be a unified road map that ties all of the components together.

Why now?

It has been more than fifteen years since Beverly’s last master plan was adopted. As local, regional, and state trends show both a need and a demand for continued housing and economic investments and growth, it is important that our community carefully consider our path forward and develop a thoughtful, robust, and visionary comprehensive plan to guide us for the years to come. This plan will build on the successes of the 2002 Master Plan and chart a course for Beverly’s future.

What is the Master Plan Committee and who does it consist of?

The Master Plan Committee, a steering committee for the comprehensive master planning process, has been selected to work closely with the consultant team and the City of Beverly. Their role is to provide oversight and guidance throughout the planning process and broaden outreach opportunities for the larger community. The committee was selected to reflect a diverse skillset, expertise within a particular content area, range of perspectives, and broad geographic representation. The Master Plan Committee includes the following individuals:

  • Kate Fox, Ward 1
  • Denis Garriepy, Ward 1
  • Mark Casey, Ward 2
  • Nancy Marino, Ward 2
  • Sarah Bartley, Ward 3
  • Dan Boschen, Ward 3
  • Sue Higgins, Ward 3
  • Mitchell Thomas, Ward 3
  • John Hall, Ward 4
  • Wayne Miller, Ward 4
  • Brenda Murphy, Ward 4
  • Max Atherton, Ward 5
  • Isis Patterson, Ward 5
  • Joanna Scott, Ward 5
  • Andrea Toulouse, Ward 5
  • Reya Al-Khalili, Ward 6
  • Steve Galante, Ward 6
  • Mike Lesser, Ward 6